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    Debt Counselling Benoni

    While most South African Consumers face debt issues during some stage of their lives, it is important to recognize when you are over indebted and need to seek help from financial experts. At Less Debt, we provide a transparent and highly reputable Debt Counselling service to Benoni residents, which can make an incredible difference to their quality of life.

    Most of the time, debt accumulates slowly and then suddenly becomes impossible to manage. Life is expensive and unexpected expenses occur, which can quickly lead to becoming over-indebted. If you reside in Benoni, Debt Counselling is a simply phone call or email away, while our Less Debt team have years of experience and expertise behind our name. Once we fully understand your income and expenses, our team will contact your creditors to discuss lower instalments and interest rates on your behalf – the next step is to present you with one monthly repayment that encompasses all your debt, making it much easier for you to pay it back, while still allowing you to make it through the month comfortably. Our Less Debt team will also ensure that none of your debt was made as a result of reckless lending, which would be at the fault of the creditor in question.

    As a resident of Benoni undergoing Debt Counselling, you will be well on your way to a life free of debt related stress. Once you’ve completed the Debt Counselling process and have successfully paid back all your outstanding debts, you will be issued a Debt Clearance certificate, signifying the results of your efforts and rendering you free of debt.