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    Debt Counselling Bethlehem

    Living a life that is free of debt makes an undeniable difference, both to your mental and physical health as well as to the general wellbeing of your loved ones. At Less Debt, we offer a Debt Counselling service to Bethlehem residents that is customized to their unique needs, improving their quality of life dramatically with immediate effect.

    Approved by the National Credit Regulator, our Debt Counselling solution to Bethlehem residents protects them from legal action, while also ensuring there was no reckless lending involved in their accumulation of debt – a fault that is often overlooked and implicates the lender rather than the consumer. The Debt Counselling process is 100% transparent, and involves consolidating your various debt repayments into one comprehensive monthly repayment that is collected and distributed through a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA), meaning that our team never handles your money but rather ensures that you are managing your finances better. This monthly repayment will be aligned with your finances, making sure that you can cover your living expenses while also paying back every cent that you owe.

    At Less Debt, we’re committed to providing the residents of Bethlehem with a quality Debt Counselling service, ensuring that financial freedom is within reach. By taking this important step and addressing the issues relating to your financial burdens, you can start looking forward to a future that doesn’t involve debt or the burdens of living beyond your means.