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    Debt Counselling Boksburg

    It is not uncommon for low to middle class earners in South Africa to become overburdened by debt, as the cost of living keeps going up and salaries do not always cover our basic living expenses. At Less Debt, our team have the financial and legal expertise to provide clients located in Boksburg with Debt Counselling services that can make their lives much easier.

    Debt Counselling is a legal process whereby our Less Debt team can consolidate a client’s various monthly debt repayments into one fixed monthly payment that is more affordable. We will never handle a client’s money directly, as it is collected and distributed through a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). Once you have filled out our online contact form and completed an affordability assessment, we’ll know if you qualify for Debt Counselling. As a consumer located in Boksburg, our Debt Counselling service aims to reduce your financial stress, while still helping you to pay off all your debts. While under Debt Counselling, you will no longer receive harassing phone calls from creditors demanding payment, and are also protected from legal action, such as asset and vehicle repossession.

    Another important focus point during the process of Debt Counselling to Boksburg clients is investigating potential cases of reckless lending. It is our priority to make your journey to financial freedom as simple and attainable as possible. Rest assured that our Debt Counselling service is trustworthy and transparent, while it is also approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).