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    Debt Counselling Centurion

    If you find yourself weighed down by the strain of debt that you can no longer control, you could be over-indebted and in need of professional financial services. For residents of Centurion, Debt Counselling presents an opportunity to become debt-free, without having to worry about legal action and threatening calls from creditors seeking payment.

    At Less Debt, our financial team are committed to addressing each client’s unique financial concerns, and can assist with Debt Counselling for clients in Centurion. In order to consolidate all of your monthly debt repayments into one more manageable payment, we will negotiate with your creditors to represent your best interests, by obtaining lower monthly instalments and reduced interest rates. As part of our National Credit Regulator (NCR) approved Debt Counselling service to Centurion based clients, we will also spend time ensuring that none of your debts were accumulated as a result of reckless lending, on behalf of any of your creditors. Debt Counselling can provide instant relief to over-indebted individuals, and our team will also share valuable insight to ensure that clients do not land up in the same situation again.

    Take the first steps to debt free existence by filling out our online contact form. A simple and free Affordability Assessment will determine whether or not you qualify for Debt Counselling. Once you have successfully completed Debt Counselling and paid back all the debts you owe, you’ll be issued a Debt Clearance Certificate that signifies a new beginning.