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    Debt Counselling Ceres

    As life continues to become more costly, loans and accounts present consumers with the prospect of financial assistance and instant access to financial aid. In some cases, debt can accumulate and very quickly become unmanageable, leaving individuals over-indebted and unable to afford all the financial obligations that they face every month. For Ceres residents, a Debt Counselling service is available to provide financial relief.

    Debt Counselling is an effective and straightforward solution to overcoming debt once and for all. The Debt Counselling service provided to Ceres clients by our Less Debt team is 100% transparent and approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). While under Debt Counselling, you as our client will be protected from asset, home or vehicle repossession, as well as harassing calls from angry creditors. Our qualified team will negotiate with each of your creditors on your behalf, to arrange lower monthly payments and interest rates on your behalf. This allows us to consolidate all your monthly debt payments into one payment that suites your affordability, leaving you with money to afford your living expenses without stressing. This monthly repayment that is collected and distributed through a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

    Another benefit to Debt Counselling as a Ceres client involves our team of professionals ensuring you were in no way a victim of Reckless Lending, at the hands of one or more of your creditors. The more you’re able to pay towards your debt every month, the quicker you can complete the Debt Counselling process, after which you are free to pursue a life free of debt.