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    Debt Counselling Germiston

    At Less Debt, we provide struggling and over-indebted residents of Germiston with a reputable Debt Counselling service. All the fees you will incur are disclosed to you upfront, while our main priority is to provide you with a tailored and dedicated solution to managing your debt, and eventually overcoming your debt entirely.

    As life continues to become more expensive, more and more low to middle income consumers require financial assistance from trustworthy professionals. Our Debt Counselling service to Germiston based clients is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), and will enable you to only pay back one monthly fee to cover all your debts, which will be lower thanks to reduced monthly payments that we will renegotiate with your creditors on your behalf. Clients in Germiston enlisting Debt Counselling can also benefit from protection against asset repossession, as well as harassing calls from their creditors. Our Less Debt team won’t handle any of your money ourselves, as all collections and distributions will be done through a reputable Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). We will provide continued support until you’ve paid back all your debts.

    Settle your debt today and stop worrying about money issues and struggling to make it from one month to the next. Our Debt Counselling service to Germiston residents usually takes between 3 to 5 years, depending on the amount you’re able to pay each month. Once you’ve successfully completed the Debt Counselling process, you’ll be free of debt and will be issued a Debt Clearance Certificate.