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    Debt Counselling Graaff-Reinet

    Debt has a way of spiralling out of control, especially considering the financial difficulties facing most low to middle income families in our country. At Less Debt, we offer residents of Graaff-Reinet a Debt Counselling service that is reputable, 100% transparent and approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) of South Africa.

    There is no overnight solution available to over-indebted consumers, however Debt Counselling offers Graaff-Reinet residents the chance to work towards a life free of debt. This is done by consolidating our client’s various monthly debt repayments into one all-inclusive payment that is aligned with their affordability. As our client, you will no longer be juggling multiple debt repayments every month, and will also be left with enough money to afford your living expenses. You can also rest assured that our team of Debt Counsellors will provide you with ongoing support, until you’ve paid back all your debts and have received your Debt Clearance certificate. There are no upfront or hidden fees, and your monthly payment will be received and distributed through a trusted Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

    Another important benefit of Debt Counselling to Graaff-Reinet based clients is protection from legal action, as well as an end to upset calls from creditors seeking immediate payment. Your creditors will still be paid back all the money owe them, your debt will eventually be settled in full, and you can begin to reshape your outlook on your finances.