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    Debt Counselling Johannesburg

    Being over-indebted and facing financial difficulties on a monthly basis is unfortunately an all too familiar plight, faced by consumers across South Africa. At Less Debt, we provide professional Debt Counselling services to Johannesburg residents that are result driven and approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

    For many consumers struggling to manage their finances and debt, Debt Counselling has proven to be very beneficial. As a resident of Johannesburg seeking out Debt Review services, getting in touch with our Less Debt team and enquiring about a free debt assessment is easy to do, by simply filling out our website’s contact page. Our Debt Counselling services are comprehensive and we will also ensure that you did not acquire any of your existing debt as a result of reckless lending from a creditor. As part of the Debt Counselling service to Johannesburg residents, Less Debt will get in touch with your various creditors to negotiate more manageable monthly payments on your behalf, with the aim being to uncomplicated your monthly budget as much as possible, while still ensuring all your debt is being paid off.

    Another benefit of the debt review process is that no legal action may be taken against you during this time, allowing you to focus entirely on regaining control of your finances. As a consumer residing in Johannesburg, our Debt Counselling services could prove to be the solution you have been looking for on your journey to financial freedom.