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    Debt Counselling Kleinmond

    As a formal debt rehabilitation process that has helped many on their path to becoming debt free, Debt Counselling is a reliable and legal option that is available to over-indebted consumers. At Less Debt, Kleinmond residents are afforded a Debt Counselling service that is totally transparent, and approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) of South Africa.

    The process is straightforward. If you are seeking Debt Counselling and reside in Kleinmond, you can reach out to us via our online contact form. We will contact you back and assist you with a free consultation and Debt Assessment, which will outline your monthly income and expenses in detail. Once we have established that you qualify for Debt Review, we will meet with your creditors on your behalf to negotiate lower monthly instalments and interest rates. We will also look closely at any red flags, which may suggest Reckless Lending at the fault of any of your creditors. All these efforts will allow us to present you with a New Debt Repayment plan that is much more manageable. Instead of dealing with many monthly debt payments, all your payments will be consolidated into one fixed monthly fee, to be collected and distributed by a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

    Our team of Less Debt financial experts are well equipped with all the skills and knowledge needed to make the Debt Counselling process as stress free as possible. We will also provide ongoing support until you’ve successfully paid back all you owe, and we will then ensure that you receive your Debt Clearance Certificate.