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    Debt Counselling Mitchells Plain

    With so many low to middle income South African citizens feeling the strain of a weakened economy and falling on hard times financially, over-indebtedness and financial burdens are a familiar plight. At Less Debt, we aim to provide a useful and much needed Debt Counselling service to Mitchells Plain residents who need to regain control of their finances.

    By enlisting the assistance of financial professionals, your journey to becoming debt free can be straightforward, and much less stressful. To find out if you qualify for Debt Counselling as a Mitchells Plain based client, you can fill in our contact form and reach out to our qualified team. We will assess your finances and consult your case at no cost, giving us valuable insight into your situation. Once we have confirmed that Debt Counselling is a viable option, our team will negotiate lower monthly payments and interest rates with your existing creditors on your behalf, in order to restructure your finances. You will then only pay back one consolidated monthly payment, which is much easier to manage. While under Debt Counselling as a Mitchells Plain resident, you will be protected from any legal actions, and will no longer be harassed with phone calls demanding payments.

    For Mitchells Plain clients under Debt Counselling, every opportunity is afforded to overcome debt and look forward to a life free of financial strain. Make a difference now by enlisting our professional services. Commit to paying back everything you owe more easily, and rest assured of our complete confidentially and ongoing support throughout every stage of the process.