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    Debt Counselling Mossel Bay

    With prices rising almost daily and credit offering consumers financial aid during difficult times, it is easy to become over-indebted. There is solution available to Mossel Bay residents through Debt Counselling, offered by our professional Less Debt team. All our debt relief measures are tailored to your needs, while we’ve been successful in helping many South Africans overcome their financial issues.

    Our Debt Counselling service to Mossel Bay based clients is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). By assessing your monthly budget, income and financial obligations, we will be able to determine your reasonable affordability. Afterwards and on your behalf, our Less Debt team will renegotiate the payment terms of your debt with your creditors, in order to settle on reduced amounts that you’ll be able to manage more easily. This newly consolidated Debt Repayment Plan also means that collections and distributions of your money will be managed by a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA), so you will no longer be overwhelmed by many separate payments to all your creditors. As a Mossel Bay client under Debt counselling, you can also stop worrying about harassing phone calls form debt collectors or creditors demanding payment.

    There are numerous benefits to Debt Counselling that Mossel Bay residents can benefit from. We offer discreet, reliable and transparent debt relief services to assist you in paying back all that you owe, while still protecting you from potential legal action like asset repossession. Our expert team will also look into your existing creditors, to eliminate any chance that you were a victim of Reckless Lending.