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    Debt Counselling Oudtshoorn

    It is much easier to make debt than to get out of debt, and with almost half of South Africa’s credit consumers struggling to repay their debts on time, Debt Counselling provides Oudtshoorn clients with much needed relief. This debt relief measure was introduced by the National Credit Act (NCA) as a legal and viable solution to over indebtedness.

    With so much stress already associated with debt, our approach to Debt Counselling is straightforward and completely transparent, there to make your life easier. We will decrease the payments and interest rates of your various monthly repayments, by renegotiating them with your creditors on your behalf. During the Debt Counselling process, Oudtshoorn based clients will be safe from potentially damaging legal actions such as asset repossession or vehicle and home repossession, and can rest assured that thorough checks will be done to rule out the possibility of Reckless Lending where your creditors are concerned. With one affordable and consolidated monthly payment and a team of financial and legal experts by your side, your journey to becoming officially free of debt can begin.

    Our Debt Counselling service to Oudtshoorn residents works according to your personal needs, while our full discretion is guaranteed. Our Less Debt team will only manage the process, and your fixed monthly payment will be collected and distributed by a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). Once you’ve been successful in paying back all of your debt under Debt Counselling, you will be issued with a Debt Clearance Certificate.