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    Debt Counselling Pietermaritzburg

    With an unstable economy and easy access to credit as struggling consumers, being over-indebted is no longer a taboo subject, and is actually a reality for many South Africans. At Less Debt, we offer a Debt Counselling service to Pietermaritzburg residents that is highly effective and reliable. Don’t let your debt get the better of you, take steps now towards a future free of debt.

    Having provided solutions to a number consumers facing unique financial difficulties, our Less Debt team are well versed in all legal and financial expertise required to overcome debt. Our Debt Counselling service to Pietermaritzburg consumers is 100% transparent and highly personalized. Once we have determined that you qualify for Debt Counselling, our next step is to reduce the instalment amounts owed to your creditors each month – we will negotiate this with your creditors on your behalf, and will also try to lower your interest rates if possible. You will then be paying back just one consolidated monthly fee that cover all your debts, and is easier to manage. As a resident of Pietermaritzburg undergoing Debt Counselling, you will be protected from legal action like car or asset repossession, as well as from harassing calls demanding repayments.

    Our Debt Counselling service to Pietermaritzburg clients is approved by the National Credit Regular (NCR), and can give you the advantage you need to change your financial circumstances. Get in touch with us today and take the first steps to financial freedom, with the full guidance of our professional and dedicated team. Start by filling in our online contact form for a free consultation.