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    Debt Counselling Porterville

    Start your journey to financial freedom now, and don’t let your debt get the better of you for even one more day. At Less Debt, we provide a Debt Counselling service to Porterville based clients that is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), and can offer you instant financial relief. Pay back all your debt in a much easier way, without the stress.

    The process of Debt Counselling to Porterville residents is transparent and comprehensive, as our qualified team of Debt Counsellors get to work developing a new Debt Repayment Plan that works for you. We will renegotiate the initial instalment and interest rates agreed to by your creditors, and we will also investigate them for possible instances of Reckless Lending. One of the most nerve wrecking risks facing over-indebted consumers is that of legal action, such as asset or vehicle repossession. While under Debt Counselling as a Porterville resident, you are fully protected from legal action, and also cannot become blacklisted. The whole point of Debt Counselling is that you still pay back everything you owe, through one consolidated monthly repayment that is collected and distributed by a trusted Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

    At Less Debt, we pride ourselves in providing a customized approach to clients, as no two people are facing the same financial situations. Get in touch with us online, and let us find out if you qualify for the Debt Counselling process as a Porterville resident. Make the important decision to overcome your debts and live without the constant pressure of finances you cannot control.