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    Debt Counselling Potchefstroom

    At Less Debt, we offer clients located in Potchefstroom Debt Counselling services that are highly effective and personalized. Having assisted many clients with the debt relief processes in the past, we are aware of the strain that being over-indebted can place on consumers, and are able to help. Don’t let your debt control your life anymore, less us help you today.

    Approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), our Debt Counselling service to Potchefstroom residents is 100% transparent and can assist you in paying back all that you owe, within your means. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized solutions, starting with a consultation and Debt Assessment that costs you nothing, and can determine whether or not you qualify for Debt Counselling. If you do qualify and earn a steady financial income, you can look forward to immediate financial relief, as our team will present you with a new Debt Repayment Plan that covers all the debts you owe. This new monthly fee will be more manageable, and will be collected and distributed by a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). While under Debt Review as a Potchefstroom based client, you will be safe from legal action and will no longer receive harassing calls from creditors demanding payment.

    Start regaining financial control today. The Debt Counselling service that we offer Potchefstroom based clients is legal and was originally introduced in aid of struggling consumers by the National Credit Act (NCA). As part of this comprehensive service, we will also investigate your creditors, ruling out or identifying any cases of Reckless Lending.