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    Debt Counselling Pretoria

    Put an end to your debt related stress today, and make the decision to take back control over your finances and in turn, your life. At Less Debt, we provide residents of Pretoria with a Debt Counselling service that is transparent and highly beneficial. Through many years of experience, we are aware of the effects over indebtedness has on consumers, and provide a sound solution.

    Debt Counselling not only helps over-indebted consumers pay back their debt more easily, but also keeps them safe from legal action, like asset or vehicle repossession. It is easy to reach out and enlist our Debt Counselling service as a Pretoria based client, simply fill in our online contact form and wait for one of our professional Debt Counsellors to contact you. We will first determine if you qualify, through a free consultation and Debt Assessment. Our team of experts will then negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to settle on reduced monthly instalments, allowing us to consolidate all your debt repayments into one fixed monthly payment suited to your finances. We will also provide you with reliable and sound financial and legal advice throughout the Debt Counselling process.

    Clients in Pretoria undergoing Debt Counselling receive immediate financial relief, while the process is very transparent, with no hidden costs. Our team are well versed in many areas of debt, and will take time to investigate creditors that we suspect of Reckless Lending, which could have contributed to the financial struggles you face today.