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    Debt Counselling Queenstown

    Available to over-indebted consumers who are in dire need of assistance in overcoming their situation, Debt Counselling offers Queenstown residents financial relief when they need it the most. At Less Debt, we provide a comprehensive online Debt Counselling solution to clients who are struggling to manage their finances, and have had much success with this service.

    Approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), our Debt Counselling service provides ongoing support to clients who qualify, and assists them in paying back all that they owe. We will renegotiate your monthly instalments and interest rates with your clients on your behalf, based on your affordability. Once we’ve done so, you will benefit from paying back just one fixed monthly fee, instead of feeling overwhelmed by multiple debt repayments that can be difficult to keep track of. As you undergo Debt Counselling as a Queenstown resident, you will not be at risk of legal actions like asset, vehicle and home repossession, and cannot become blacklisted. You also won’t be able to enter into any new credit agreements as you undergo Debt Counselling, to ensure that you are on a steady path to recovering control of your finances.

    The Debt Counselling process was initially introduced to South Africans by the National Credit Act (NCA), in aid of consumers facing financial difficulties. Once consumers have paid back all their debts under the Debt Counselling process, they will be issued a Debt Clearance certificate. As a resident of Queenstown under Debt Counselling, you can look forward to living your life without the pressure of debt.