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    Debt Counselling Secunda

    As low to moderate earning South African consumers, the struggle to afford basic living expenses and keep up with rising costs is all too real. We believe that everyone has the right to start over, and offer a Debt Counselling service to Secunda residents that can help them do just that. If you are over-indebted and earn a stable income, check in with us to see if you qualify.

    The process of Debt Counselling offered to residents of Secunda is straightforward, and involves consolidating a client’s existing debts into one affordable monthly repayment, while also ensuring complete protection from harassing calls and the threat of asset, vehicle or home repossession. Another benefit of Debt Counselling is that we’re able to identify if any of your creditors were involved in Reckless Lending. To find out if you qualify for our Debt Counselling service as a Secunda resident, fill in our online contact form – we will then assist you with a free consultation, which also includes an assessment of your debts. Once the process begins, we do all the heavy lifting and will renegotiate your payment terms with your creditors, in order to provide you with a new and more reasonable Debt Repayment Plan.

    Start living more comfortably and paying your debts of more easily. Once you’ve paid everything you owe back under Debt Counselling as a Secunda client of ours, you will be issued a Debt Clearance Certificate, signifying your efforts and a new beginning. Our Debt Counselling service is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).