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    Debt Counselling Tembisa

    If you are overwhelmed by debt, you are not alone – South Africa has more than 25 million credit consumers, and nearly half of them are struggling to make their monthly payments. At Less Debt, we provide over-indebted Tembisa residents with a Debt Counselling service that is highly effective,as well as approved by National Credit Regulator (NCR).

    To begin with, we will confirm that you qualify for Debt Counselling as a Tembisa resident, through a free online debt assessment and consultation with our team. We will assess your income, financial obligations and monthly debts, and if you struggle to make it through the month once paying back all that you owe, you will most likely be suited to this financial relief process. Our team of debt experts will then take over all dealings with your creditors on your behalf, and will renegotiate the monthly instalments and interest rates associated with your debt.You can look forward to immediate financial relief, as you pay back your debts legally through one all-inclusive monthly repayment, which is much more affordable. Our Less Debt team will also ensure that none of your debt was accumulated through Reckless Lending, by one of more of your creditors.

    As you undergo Debt Counselling as a Tembisa based client, you cannot become blacklisted and will no longer receive angry calls from frustrated creditors or debt collectors demanding payment. You will also be protected from legation action during the Debt Counselling process. Once you successfully repay all your debts under Debt Counselling, you will be issued with a Debt Clearance Certificate.