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    Debt Counselling Vanderbijlpark

    If you’re over-indebted and serious about overcoming your debt and becoming financially secure, get in touch with our Less Debt team today for proven results. Our team of qualified Debt Counsellors offer a Debt Counselling service to Vanderbijlpark residents that is 100% transparent, which makes it much easier to repay all debts owed, on time and within your financial means.

    During the Debt Counselling process, consumers are given the chance to repay their debts according to a new Debt Repayment Plan. Once we have negotiated with your creditors for reduced monthly instalments, we will consolidate all that you owe into a fixed and more manageable monthly fee, which will be collected and distributed by a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). As a Vanderbijlpark resident under Debt Counselling and busy rehabilitating your finances, you will be safe from legal action from your creditors, and also will not be called and harassed by creditors or debt collectors. This is a massive weight off your shoulders, and will help you fully focus on your financial goals. The process of Debt Counselling normally takes 3 to 5 years to complete, and afterwards, you will be issued a Debt Clearance Certificate, and no record of this will remain on your credit score.

    Our Debt Counselling service to Vanderbijlpark based clients is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), and we will guide you with financial insight and advice throughout the process. Another benefit of our service is the investigating of any suspicious creditors, to be certain that you were in no way a victim of Reckless Lending, which would be at their fault.