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    Debt Counselling Vereeniging

    At Less Debt, we offer struggling clients a Debt Counselling service that is highly effective and 100% transparent. As an over-indebted consumer, it can seem impossible to pay back all your debts and still afford your basic living expenses. Our team of qualified financial experts provide a Debt Counselling service to Vereeniging residents that can make a big difference to their lives.

    Before the process can take place, it is first important to establish whether or not you qualify for Debt Counselling. We provide clients with a free online consultation, which includes an assessment of your debts and finances. Once we know that you qualify for Debt Counselling as a Vereeniging client, we will restructure your monthly debts in a way that is aligned with what you can afford. In turn, you will pay back a fixed fee each month to a Payment Distribution Agency, and no longer be dealing directly with any of your creditors. Another benefit to Debt Counselling is the protection that it offers to clients, against becoming blacklisted and from legal action like asset or car repossession. Our reputable Debt Counselling service to Vereeniging residents is approved by the National Credit regulator (NCR), and promises complete confidentially to clients.

    By undergoing Debt Counselling, you will be able to work towards financial freedom. The process most often takes between 3 to 5 years, and our Less Debt team will provide ongoing support from the beginning to the end of the process. As a resident of Vereeniging seeking a Debt Counselling solution, we will work closely with you online and telephonically to ensure the best possible results.