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    Debt Counselling Vredendal

    There is a legal, reliable and effective solution available to over-indebted consumers who need help. At Less Debt, we offer a Debt Counselling service to Vredendal residents that can provide you with much needed financial relief, while also ensuring you are safe from angry credit providers as you steadily repay all that you owe them, with the help of a new Debt Repayment Plan.

    Our Less Debt team have many years of experience in debt related cases, and have worked with clients from all walks of life to provide personalised solutions. To find out if you qualify for Debt Counselling as a resident of Vredendal, fill in our online contact form. One of our qualified Debt Counsellors will touch base with you for a free consultation, which also involves and in-depth assessment of your finances and debts. If you qualify and earn a monthly salary, we will work on a newly constructed monthly payment that will cover all that you owe, while considering your budget and affordability. Once we have negotiated with your creditors and drawn up this new repayment plan, you can expect instant financial relief. During Debt Counselling as a client in Vredendal, you will not be allowed to attain new credit agreements, and also cannot become blacklisted.

    Our Debt Counselling service is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), while our dedicated team promise confidentially to our clients throughout the process. The process of Debt Counselling to Vredendal residents can take anywhere from 3 to 5 years, and after successful completion our clients will be issued with a Debt Clearance Certificate.