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    Debt Counselling Vryheid

    Intended to relieve over-indebted consumers of their financial burdens, the National Credit Act (NCA) introduced Debt Counselling as a solution that can provide much needed financial relief. At Less Debt, we will work closely with our Vryheid based clients to deliver online Debt Counselling services that can assist you in combating your debts.

    As the cost of living in South Africa continues to rise, many consumers are taking strain financially, sometimes turning to credit to make it till month end. We provide an important Debt Counselling service to Vryheid based clients that restructures their finances and protects their assets. During the process, you won’t need to deal with your creditors directly as we will renegotiate your payment rates with them for you, to settle on more affordable repayments that we can consolidate into one fixed monthly payment. This new Debt Repayment Plan will then leave you with enough money in your account to pay for your family’s necessary living expenses, and take care of yourself. While under Debt Counselling as a Vryheid resident, you’ll benefit from protection against legal action like asset or vehicle repossession, giving you the focus you need to become free of debt.

    Debt Counselling gives Vryheid based clients the opportunity to repay their debts more easily, without the constant stress of high repayments and threatening calls from creditors. At Less Debt, our team of qualified Debt Counsellors have worked with many individuals facing unique financial difficulties, to provide a sound Debt Counselling service.