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    Debt Counselling Wynberg

    For over-indebted residents of Wynberg, Debt Counselling offers instant financial relief and a solution to paying back debts through a more manageable Debt Repayment Plan. As more and more South African’s struggle to pay back their debts and keep up with their financial obligations, the Debt Counselling process offers a much needed legal and transparent alternative.

    Originally introduced by the National Credit Act (NCA) in aid of consumers facing over-indebtedness, Debt Counselling has effectively assisted many individuals, while also protecting them from the legal actions that go hand in hand with unpaid debts, such as asset and vehicle repossession. As you undergo Debt Counselling as a Wynberg resident, you can expect the full commitment and ongoing support of our Less Debt team. We will restructure your monthly instalments by negotiating lower interest rates with your creditors on your behalf. All your monthly debt repayments will be consolidated into one all-inclusive payment that is suited to your affordability, leaving you with enough money to support your family and pay for living essentials. Instead of paying your creditors directly each month, your new monthly repayment will be collected and paid to them by a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

    Make the important decision to gain control of your finances today. As an over-indebted resident of Wynberg, Debt Counselling is the first step to a future free of debt. To begin the process, fill in our contact form online. We will then contact you and assist with a free consultation and assessment of your debts, to see if you qualify.