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    Debt Review Graaff-Reinet

    As South African’s dealing with a weakened economy that makes it easy for consumers to become over-indebted, Debt Review presents Graaff-Reinet residents with the opportunity to better their financial situation considerably. Don’t allow your debt to get the better of you, make a change now with the help of our financial professionals at Less Debt.

    The process of Debt Review is available to Graaff-Reinet residents who are over-indebted and earning a salary – a simple and free Debt Assessment will determine whether you qualify. Once you’ve taken the important step to undergo Debt Review, our Less Debt team will offer continued support, both telephonically and online. As a resident of Graaff-Reinet undergoing Debt Review, you will benefit from instant relief, as your debt repayments will be consolidated into one fixed monthly fee. Through negotiations with your creditors on your behalf, we will lower the monthly payments and interest rates of your various debts as much as possible, so that your newly restructured Debt Repayment Plan is much easier to manage. During the Debt Review process, we will also investigate any possibilities of Reckless Lending where your creditors are concerned.

    Our clients located in Graaff-Reinet can expect Debt Review services that are transparent and comprehensive. Another benefit is that you will no longer be harassed by aggressive calls demanding payment, and will also be protected from legal action as you undergo Debt Review, such as asset, vehicle or home repossession. You will only have to focus on becoming debt free, which is much easier with a new monthly payment that is suited to your affordability.