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    Debt Review Polokwane

    At Less Debt, we are all too familiar with the plight of financial strain and over-indebtedness, which takes its toll on many low to medium income earners in South Africa. For those residing in Polokwane, our Debt Review service is easily attainable, and can help you to pay back all that you owe legally and within your means, easing stress about money considerably.

    Our Debt Review service to Polokwane based clients is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Clients can get in touch with us online for a free Debt Assessment and consultant, through which we will determine if you qualify for Debt Review. While under Debt Review, Polokwane clients are protected from legal actions and cannot become blacklisted, or attain any new debt. Our qualified team will restructure your debt repayments by negotiating lower monthly instalments with your creditors, representing your needs and based on what you can afford. You will then be able to pay back your debts without difficulty, with one consolidated monthly fee that is collected and distributed by a PDA (Payment Distribution Agency). As part of our Debt Review service, we will also investigate your creditors, to ensure that you did not incur any of your debt as a result of Reckless Lending.

    Our highly regarded Debt Review service is available to Polokwane based consumers faced with over-indebtedness, and our team of experts will ensure ongoing support and financially sound advice to clients as they need it. We are fully dedicated to helping you gain control of your finances, and the process usually takes between 3 to 5 years.