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    Debt Review Potchefstroom

    Offering over-indebted consumers a viable solution to combating their debts, our Less Debt team present Potchefstroom residents with reputable Debt Review solutions. As the cost of living continues to rise, more and more South Africans are seeking the assistance of professionals, as their debt gets the better of them and seems impossible to overcome.

    The process of Debt Review has assisted many over-indebted consumers throughout the years. At Less Debt, we provide clients based in Potchefstroom with a Debt Review service that eases their financial burdens and protects them from legal action, like the repossession of their vehicle, home or assets. Take control of your finances and let us assist you with valuable financial advice, as you find out if you qualify for the Debt Review process as a Potchefstroom resident. Once our dedicated team have assessed your debt, we will get in touch with your creditors on behalf of you, to negotiate reduced instalments that you will be able to manage much better. As we restructure your debts into one consolidated monthly fee, we will also look into any possible cases where Reckless Lending may have contributed to your financial struggles.

    Our Debt Review service to Potchefstroom residents is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The Debt Review process takes up to 5 years, and if you are in the position to pay back more, it can take as little as 3 years. Contact our Less Debt team today for a free consultation and Debt Assessment.