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    Debt Review Tembisa

    If you reside in Tembisa and are over-indebted, our Debt Review service can offer you instant financial relief and help you to pay back everything you owe more easily. We offer a free online consultation and assessment of your debts, in order to determine if you qualify for Debt Review, while our professional team have successfully helped many struggling South Africans to date.

    The Debt Review process is available to Tembisa residents who earn a monthly salary but are unable to manage their financial obligations and are over-indebted. To begin the process, our Less Debt team will inform your credit providers and credit bureaus that you are undergoing Debt Review, and we will also renegotiate reduced monthly payments with your creditors on your behalf, based on your earnings and expenses. You will only have to pay back one fixed monthly fee to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA), which covers everything you owe and is much easier to manage. As you undergo Debt Review as a Tembisa based client, you will be protected from legal action like asset or car repossession, and you cannot become blacklisted. Our expert team will also ensure you are guided throughout the process, with useful financial advice and professional insight.

    As part of our comprehensive Debt Review service, we will also make sure you did not fall victim to Reckless Lending. Our Debt Review service to Tembisa residents is reliable and approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), offering those who need it the most the support they need. Put an end to your debt related stress and work towards a future of financial freedom.