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    Debt Review Vereeniging

    The Debt Review process offers over-indebted Vereeniging consumers the chance to pay off their monthly debts much more manageable, with professional guidance and a new Debt Repayment Plan. If you earn a stable income and are unable to make it from one month to the next, missing payments or skipping them altogether, you will likely qualify for this process.

    Initially introduced by the National Credit Act (NCA) of South Africa as a legal and sound debt relief measure, Debt Review has helped many over the years. At Less Debt, our Debt Review service assists Vereeniging clients by assessing their affordability and expenses, and then negotiating with their creditors on their behalf to lower their monthly instalments and interest rates. By doing so, you will be paying back just one monthly fee towards your debts, giving you the chance to live more comfortably. During the Debt Review process, you as our client are protected from legal action and also cannot become blacklisted, or enter into any new credit agreements. We also take the time to investigate your creditors and ensure that you did not fall victim to Reckless Lending as you accumulated your debt.

    If you are an over-indebted resident of Vereeniging, our Debt Review service can help you pay back your debts more easily, while also guiding you with valuable financial advice. Once you successfully pay back all your debts, you will be issued a Debt Clearance Certificate, and there will be no record of your Debt Review journey.