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    Paying off debt takes time, patience and commitment

    No matter the depth of your financial troubles or the extent of your past mistakes with money, there is always a way out. Paying off debt takes time, patience and commitment, while the reward of a debt free existence is well worth all the effort involved. At Less Debt, we offer services that are geared toward South African consumers who are overwhelmed by debt.

    As long as your approach is manageable and you remain consistent, paying off debt is very possible. One of the most successful solutions offered by Less Debt is that of debt review (also known as debt counselling) – this involves a restructuring of your multiple financial payments into one consolidated monthly payment that we will manage for you. This new repayment plan is court approved and regulated by the National Credit Act (NCA) and our team will negotiate better terms and lower interest rates with your creditors on your behalf.

    Another good reason to consider debt review is that you will be protected from the threat of legal being taken against you during this time, such as asset repossession, which could result in you losing your furniture, home or vehicle as a result of deviating from your credit agreements. The road to financial freedom is a lot more manageable when you are being assisted by our professional team, who are equipped with years of experience and have already helped a lot of consumers to pay off all their debt. Any over-indebted South African citizen can benefit from our debt counselling services; it is as simple as filling out our free online debt assessment and then waiting to hear back from one of our dedicated consultants, who will be able to determine the best way forward.

    Once you are on track with paying back all of your debt, your monthly budget should start looking a lot better and you should have the funds available in your account to comfortably make it till the end of the month without needing to borrow money. You will be able to provide for your family and sleep well at night, knowing that you are on the path to future clear of debt and money problems. Although there will be moments of weakness where you may be tempted to overspend, this will only be a step backward – remember why you started and stay motivated, knowing that no reward will be greater than the end result of finally becoming debt free.

    Make sure to always stick to your budget and never spend money that you don’t have – the long term implications of overspending are far more serious than the short term relief of buying something you really want or taking that exciting holiday trip. Once you are free of debt, you will be able to save money and enjoy a lifestyle that is suited to your financial setup. Check in with our professional Less Debt team today to get started!

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