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    Debt Counselling Caledon

    Many South African consumers have faced or are currently facing debt related stress, which makes life less enjoyable and can seem impossible to defeat. At Less Debt, we provide an important Debt Counselling service to Caledon residents who are over-indebted, where overcoming debt can be achieved legally, in a way that is fully transparent and completely personalized.

    Our Less Debt team consist of well-versed and qualified financial and legal experts, who understand the burdens of being over-indebted and aim to assist clients with a professional solution. If you live in Caledon and require Debt Counselling, our team are here for you. To determine if you qualify, we will first conduct an affordability assessment that breaks down your monthly expenses, debt repayments and income. If you qualify, we’ll be able to work out a new Debt Repayment Plan based on what you can afford to pay each month, while still ensuring that your debts are being fully paid up. While under Debt Review as a Caledon based client, your main focus will be to pay back your debt and regain control of your finances – you will no longer receive harassing calls from creditors seeking payment, and you’ll be protected from vehicle, car or home repossession.

    Since each client’s situation is unique, our team are sure to approach your Debt Counselling process as a Caledon based client in a customized manner, helping you to achieve the goal of becoming debt free. Once you’ve successfully repaid all your debt, you’ll be issued a Debt Clearance Certificate and will be free to start fresh, without the burden of being over-indebted.