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    Debt Review

    Targeted at South African consumers with unmanageable debts that seem impossible to overcome, Debt Review offers a solution that can help make your life simpler, and your finances easier to control. At Less Debt, we offer a Debt Review service that is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and completely transparent to ensure your peace of mind.

    With an increasing number of low to middle income consumers facing financial strain and relying on credit to get by, it is more important than ever that sound financial resolution be readily available. At Less Debt, our team of qualified and professional Debt Counsellors put your needs first and provide customized, goal orientated approaches to overcoming your existing debt. We have also made it easy for anyone to get in touch and initiate the Debt Review process, by providing a free debt assessment to anyone who needs it.

    Much the same as Debt Counselling, Debt Review aims to restructure the monthly installments owed to your various creditors, presenting you with one consolidated and inclusive monthly payment. This is done in a way that is accommodating to your living expenses and financial responsibilities, allowing you to maintain this monthly payment without struggling to make ends meet. Our Less Debt team will make contact with your creditors in order to negotiate reduced monthly installments and interest rates for you. We will also take a closer look at your creditors to rule of any chance of reckless lending, which may have contributed to your current financial problems.

    The issue with accumulating debt is that it is easy to manage at first, but quickly gets out of hand as the cost of living increases and you and your loved ones begin to rely on more loans or credit purchases to survive. Credit should never be depended on to the extent that you are borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, or taking out additional loans so that you don’t fall behind on certain payments or debit orders. This indicates that you are living beyond your means.

    Although our Debt Review process has presented successful outcomes in most cases, you will still be responsible for making your monthly payment in time, and can even complete the Debt Review process more quickly if you pay back higher installments as your finances improve. Some of the benefits of undergoing Debt Review is that you will be safe from legal actions like asset repossession throughout the process, and won’t have to take those dreaded phone calls from creditors hounding you for payments that you cannot make. Once you have completed Debt Review, you will be declared debt free and will receive your debt clearance certificate.

    Although this is not an overnight solution you can start looking forward to a future free of financial turmoil and debt worries. Our well versed Less Debt team will make sure you are equipped with the tools to make better financial decisions going forward, and will work with you on developing budget optimizing skills.