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    Are you in control of your Debt?

    Are you in control of your debt, or is your debt controlling you?

    Are you in control of your debt, or is your debt controlling you?

    The harsh reality faced by many South Africans today is that our salary increases are not on par with the continually increasing cost of living. Although it is not fair or even realistic, the past few years have shown that increases on an almost monthly basis are to be expected, with many working class families slowly falling deeper and deeper in debt.

    Although an annual increase of about 6% is standard in most corporate environments, this small sum is almost nothing when compared to the alarming rate at which basic expenses such as petrol, electricity and food are rising. Increases in the cost of electricity and petrol, which have both proven to be persistent and seemingly without end, automatically lead to a hike in the cost of food and other essentials, like a domino effect that slowly chips away at the stability of our lives. There is no way for individuals who are already just getting by to make through life debt free with the ever rising cost of living, which can go from manageable to overwhelming in as little as a year.

    Sadly, the relief that a personal loan offers beckons many who are falling short financially, leading to trouble with debt that has nothing to do with poor money management skills – families need to be fed, bills need to be paid and sometimes there is no other option. At Less Debt, our team of well equipped financial experts are available to assist struggling South Africans, by offering reliable and transparent Debt Review and Debt Counselling services that are geared towards our client’s individual needs. For consumers who are weighed down by the burden of being over indebted, a well constructed new payment plan is enough to add structure and peace-of-mind.

    Less Debt’s professional services can help you to manage your finances without facing asset repossession. Asset repossession places a huge amount of pressure on your family and other important relationships, while affecting your mental wellbeing. Many times, debt is accumulated out of desperation, which is proving to be the case more and more often, as South African citizens are directly impacted by the dire and unrelenting reality of South Africa’s unstable economy.

    As South Africans, we are all affected by inflation; however in some cases it is more complicated than a simple budget cut or lifestyle change – with a tight and uncompromising budget, there is no room to adjust spending, which is why so many working class citizens find themselves struggling to make it without relying on debt, credit cards or clothing accounts. There is a simple way to overcome these challenges, all you have to do is enquire about Less Debt’s free debt assessment.

    At Less Debt, we offer our clients the opportunity to start fresh, without the pressure of unmanageable financial obligations. Our Less Debt services are approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), while our first priority will always be you, our valued client.

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