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    Debt Counselling is a Legal Process

    As consumers facing the financial pressures of our modern world and tough economy, the reality of becoming over indebted is one that is all too familiar. In many cases, debt counselling is a solution that proves to be effective in settling debts and regaining financial control.

    For those who are apprehensive about undergoing debt counselling, it may help to note that debt counselling in a legal process, which is presented to a consumer in the most transparent way possible. At Less Debt, our comprehensive debt counselling services are completely legal, and include gaining an understanding of a consumer’s finances and income. Applying for debt counselling can be done from the comfort of your own home or office, by simply filling in our free online debt assessment. Once we have approved you for debt counselling, you will be protected from legal action as our team of financial experts work hand in hand with your creditors to provide you with a more manageable monthly repayment plan.

    All our debt review processes are approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), while our objective is always to provide our valued clients with the best possible solution to their current financial troubles. Enjoy the benefits of legal debt counselling by contacting our team today for expert assistance.