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    Debt Counsellor

    At Less Debt, we offer a comprehensive debt relief service through our team of qualified and knowledgeable Debt Counsellor. If you find yourself struggling to meet all your monthly financial obligations, such as store accounts and credit card installments, school fees, rent or bond payments and loan repayments, it is a strong indication that your income is outweighed by your expenses, making you the ideal candidate for Debt Counselling.

    Debt Counselling (also known as Debt Review) is an excellent solution that sets the wheels in motion for a less stressful life, unburdened by debt. With the guidance and insight of our professional Debt Counsellor, you can look forward to a once-off and reduced monthly payment that covers all your existing debt repayments and still leaves you with enough money to make it through the month comfortably. Our Debt Counselling service is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), while the Debt Counsellor forming part of our Less Debt team are trained to provide customized, result driven solutions.

    For many over indebted South African consumers, it can feel impossible to regain financial control. Our Debt Counsellors have worked with many clients over the years and understand the frustration and hopelessness that goes hand in hand with being in debt. We provide a comprehensive and trusted Debt Counselling service that is tailored to your exact needs, knowing that each client’s situation is unique. Our Less Debt Counsellor will oversee every step of the Debt Counselling process, from conducting an affordability assessment to contacting your various creditors to negotiate lower monthly payment and interest rates on your behalf. We will also address any concerns for reckless lending that may arise during this time.

    While one of our esteemed Debt Counsellors work with you on the Debt Counselling process, your finances will slowly start to become more manageable. Clients underdoing Debt Counselling are protected from becoming blacklisted, as well as being protected from any debt-related legal action. No more unpleasant phone calls from creditors demanding payment. No more payday stress. Our highly regarded Debt Counsellors are by your side when you need them the most, delivering a first-class service that will help you to eliminate your debts for good.

    There are more than 25 million active credit card users in South Africa today, and from these more than 10 million are struggling to make their monthly payments. We as low to middle-class consumers are hit the hardest – high unemployment rates and the continually increasing costs of living are taking their toll on our ability to survive without debt. Take control of your finances and learn how to live within your budget and according to your means, without counting on credit card spending and financial loans when times get tough. At Less Debt, our dedicated Debt Counsellor offer well-rounded debt relief solutions to make your life easier.