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    Debt Counselling Kraaifontein

    The realities facing many South African consumers in today’s world are the ever rising costs of living, which are becoming harder and harder to keep up with. Many find themselves burdened by debt and unable to make it comfortably from one month to next, which results in missed or late payments to creditors. At Less Debt, our Debt Counselling service to Kraaifontein residents can make a big difference.

    Our well versed Less Debt team have dealt with clients from all walks of life to overcome debt. Once we are familiar with your current finances through an affordability assessment, our expert team will negotiate lower monthly payments with your creditors on your behalf. During the Debt Counselling process, we will also investigate any possibility of reckless lending on behalf of your creditors. One of the biggest benefits to undergoing Debt Counselling as a Kraaifontein resident is that you won’t have to worry about asset repossession or other legal action being taken against you– Debt Counselling protects you as a consumer, allowing you to focus entirely on paying back your debts and becoming financially stable.

    At Less Debt, our Debt Counselling services to those residing in Kraaifontein are approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). We look forward to providing you with a transparent Debt Counselling solution, as well as equipping you with valuable advice to maintaining your financial independence.