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    Free Debt Assessment Service

    South Africans have the opportunity to start their journey to a debt-free, financially stable existence by enlisting the services offered by Less Debt. Our services prioritise the unique needs of our clients and are accredited by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

    As consumers living in a world that becomes increasingly expensive and demanding on our budgets, the reality of debt is one that many of us are all too familiar with. Becoming over indebted is not an overnight process – it could start with a student loan or a few convenient clothing store accounts or could be the result from poor planning and living beyond your means. Often the result of abusing a credit cards or spending irrationally without realising that there will be implications. It is important to maintain a lifestyle that is suited to your budget, minimizing unnecessary loans with high interest rates and keeping the splurging to a minimum.

    At Less Debt, our free debt assessment service allows those facing financial difficulties to fully grasp the extent of their situation and start planning a way forward. Our website also offers clients use of an online debt calculator.

    For some, making it through the month while paying off numerous loans and repayments has become unrealistic, while for others a tough situation may have led to financial commitment that have proven to be unsustainable, resulting in missed payments and a poor credit score. Either way, there are solutions that can be identified and utilized once a client receives the results of our free debt assessment.

    Less Debt’s free debt assessment allows individuals to take control of their finances, guided by our team of qualified experts. Many times, our team can assist with the debt review process to help consumers have their debt consolidated into one affordable monthly premium. This comprehensive assessment will determine exactly how much debt is owed and to which creditors and institutes.

    By understanding the details of a client’s free debt assessment, our Less Debt team can easily determine a client’s unique requirements and present a plan of action and debt repayment plan that is manageable and fair. Individuals under debt review are protected from legal action, allowing for the full focus to be on recovering financial stability and becoming debt free.

    To make use of our services complete your contact details on our website and we will contact you with a plan of action.

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