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    Protect Your Assets from Debt Collectors

    For consumers facing legal action for late or missed debt repayments, the possibility of asset repossession is a daunting one. The effects of having your assets repossessed are dire, not only causing devastation to you and your family but also wreaking havoc on your credit score. Protect your assets from debt collectors before it’s too late!

    Asset repossession is a legal process where creditors take possession of your assets (usually these assets would be a car, house or furniture), when you as the borrower default on payments or deviate from your repayment agreement. If you are worried that you could be facing asset repossession, check in with our Less Debt team – we offer comprehensive and tailor made solutions that have had positive impacts on our clients lives and can help you protects your assets from being repossessed. Fill in our free online debt assessment today and our team will determine whether your case could benefit from debt review or debt counselling – during these processes, you are protected and your assets cannot be repossessed.

    During debt review or counselling, we will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf in order to finalize a more reasonable repayment plan that will regulated by the National Credit Act, while being authorised by a court order. The first step is to simply get in touch with Less Debt for assistance.