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    Debt Repayment Plan

    With an increasing amount of South Africans finding themselves over indebted, many are in search of a solution that can provide relief, while still ensuring that all loans are paid back. A debt repayment plan can often prove to be the answer. It is important to prioritize any loan repayment agreements when drawing up monthly budgets, as the consequences of skipping payments can often lead to a tarnished credit record or blacklisted status.

    At Less Debt, we offer a professional debt repayment plan service with your best interests in mind. In order for our finance team to provide this service, we will need to fully assess and understand the reality of your current financial obligations, monthly budget and debt repayments. This will allow us to draw up a more viable budget that is in line with your living expenses and salary. In many cases, a debt repayment plan will require us to renegotiate for lower amounts on your monthly debt instalments, meaning that your monthly expenses will decrease. Our clients have the peace of mind in knowing that the agreement is regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), as well as being authorised by a court order.

    There are numerous benefits to enlisting our professional assistance in drawing up a debt repayment plan to best suit your requirements. Our Less Debt team will take the time to share our insights with you, while you have more time to enjoy the important things in life.