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    Debt Counselling Klerksdorp

    As South Africans, we are faced with the challenges of a weakening economy that affects us all differently. For low to middle income families, it can be a struggle to make it from month to month on a tight budget. Many consumers turn to debt, and sometimes end up becoming over-indebted. At Less Debt, we provide a Debt Counselling service to Klerksdorp residents that can make a positive difference in their lives.

    Approved by the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA), Debt Counselling is a debt relief measure that aims to assist over-indebted consumers, by consolidating their monthly debt payments into one fixed fee that is more affordable. Registered with the National Debt Regulator (NCR), our Debt Counselling service to Klerksdorp residents is 100% transparent, while we will provide continued support and financial advice for your peace of mind. As you undergo the Debt Counselling process, we will ensure that you were in no way a victim of Reckless Lending as you accumulated your debts, which would be at the fault of one or more of your creditors. Throughout the Debt Counselling process, you will be protected from legal action and cannot become blacklisted. You also won’t be able to enter into any new credit agreements while under Debt Counselling, giving you the chance to work with the finances available to you.

    By taking control of your financial struggles and allowing our Less Debt team to help you, you can look forward to easier months ahead. Weprovide a personalized and result driven approach to Debt Counselling for clients in Klerksdorp, where your confidentiality is our guarantee. After the process, you will be equipped with all the advice needed to make better financial choices.