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    Debt Counselling Middelburg

    For over-indebted consumers living in Middelburg, Debt Counselling provides an opportunity to become debt free, adding much needed financial stability. At Less Debt, we offer a result driven and trusted Debt Counselling service that aims to assist those who need financial guidance the most. Our team of financial and legal experts will give you the chance you need to start over.

    You are not alone, as nearly half of South Africa’s consumers are experiencing difficulties with their debt repayments. Debt Counselling affords Middelburg residents a much needed relief from financial burden, by consolidating their various debt instalments into one all-inclusive and fixed fee. This new Debt Repayment Plan is aligned with what we’ve determined you can afford, based on an assessment on your affordability. As a Middelburg client under Debt Counselling, you will be protected from legal action such as asset and vehicle repossession, which relieves a huge burden already. While under Debt Counselling, you will no longer be harassed by those you owe money to, and will also be unable to take out any further loans or credit.

    Approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), our Debt Counselling service to clients in Middelburg is reliable, transparent and committed to helping struggling individuals on their path to a life free of debt. Start by filling in our online contact form, and wait to hear back from one of our committed financial experts, who will offer a free consultation to see if you qualify.