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    Debt Counselling Port Elizabeth

    For South Africans, constant rising prices and difficulty finding well-paying jobs is a constant reality. More than half of our country’s over-indebted consumers are struggling to manage their debt repayments, while credit seems to offer financial aid in times of crisis. As financial professionals, our Less Debt team step forward to provide a Debt Counselling service to Port Elizabeth clients that is reputable and effective.

    In order to provide a transparent Debt Counselling service to Port Elizabeth residents, we consistently remain aware of the needs of our clients, and also conduct a free Debt Assessment and consultation. We will provide you with immediate relief from your financial strain, by renegotiating the instalments and interest rates you owe to your creditors every month. A new Debt Repayment Plan will cover all the money you owe, and is aligned with your affordability. If we suspect that any of your creditors could be guilty of Reckless Lending, we will investigate this further, knowing that many consumers do not know they have fallen victim. The process of Debt Counselling to Port Elizabeth residents takes between 3 and 5 years, and you will receive a Debt Clearance Certificate once everything you owe has been paid back in full, while credit providers and credit bureaus will also be notified.

    As a client of ours based in Port Elizabeth and undergoing Debt Counselling, you will be protected from your creditors harassing you for payments, and will not be at risk of asset or vehicle repossession. Our full discretion is promised, while we will provide you with the ongoing support you need throughout the process.