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    Debt Counselling Randburg

    The number of South African’s battling to pay back their debts are rising significantly, as our economy is unstable and living costs keep going up. For over-indebted consumers residing in Randburg, a Debt Counselling solution is easily attainable, providing a legal approach to overcoming your debts. Our Less Debt team of qualified Debt Counsellors are ready to help.

    While under Debt Counselling as a Randburg client, our continued online and telephonic support and guidance is promised. To get started, we will assess your debts in a detailed consultation, which will cost you nothing. If you qualify for Debt Counselling, our team will then notify your creditors, as well as restructure your monthly debt repayments according to your means and affordability. We will negotiate your instalments and interest rates with your creditors to reduce them, and then we will present you with a new Debt Repayment Plan that consists of only one fixed monthly fee that you can manage more easily. While under Debt Counselling as a Randburg resident, you’re safe from legal actions like asset or car repossession, and will no longer be hounded by angry creditors or debt collectors. All your focus can be directed towards paying back what you owe.

    Settle your debts without the stress and stop letting money issues get the better of you. Our Debt Counselling service to Randburg based clients usually takes between 3 to 5 years, and greatly improves your chances of paying back your debts without struggling. Once you’ve successfully completed the process, you will receive a Debt Clearance Certificate.