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    Debt Counselling Randfontein

    Make an important decision to live a life free of debt, and allow our Less Debt team to help you with a transparent debt relief solution. For residents of Randfontein, our Debt Counselling service is easy to attain, while also being approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). We have extensive experience and expertise in debt related matters, and are here to help you.

    The Debt Counselling process is aimed at consumers who are over-indebted and cannot manage to pay back everything they owe. Our goal is to rehabilitate over-indebted consumers, and those residing in Randfontein have easy access to our Debt Counselling service online. Once we’ve determined your affordability and considered your basic living expenses, our team will reach out to your creditors to plan lower instalments on your behalf, and also to reduce interest rates as much as possible. In turn, you will be paying back one all-inclusive monthly fee that covers all your debt, and is much more manageable. This fixed monthly instalment is managed by a PDA (Payment Distribution Agency), who will collect your payment and distribute it accordingly. As a resident of Randfontein under Debt Counselling, you are protected from legal action.

    Take back financial control and begin working towards a life free of Debt. Our comprehensive Debt Counselling service also gives you the chance to understand Reckless Lending, as we will investigate any suspicious creditors to ensure you were not a victim. As a client in Randfontein under Debt Counselling, we assure complete confidentially and our full support.