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    Debt Counselling Springs

    Stop dreading calls from your creditors demanding payments and put an end to living from paycheck to paycheck, never making it comfortably through a financial month. At Less Debt, we provide over-indebted Springs residents with a Debt Counselling service that is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), aimed at helping you restore your financial freedom.

    Our team of Less Debt experts provide a sound Debt Counselling service to Springs consumers. We are committed to helping you overcome your financial burdens, and will provide complete and ongoing support to every client throughout the process. It is easy to get started, simply fill in our online contact form, after which we will provide a free consultation and in-depth assessment of your financial obligations and monthly earnings. Once we are sure that you qualify for the Debt Counselling process as a Springs based client, our team will get to work on a more manageable monthly Debt Repayment Plan, which consolidates all that you owe into one fixed monthly payment. We will negotiate reduced monthly instalments and interest rates with your clients on your behalf, based on what you can afford. You’ll be able to pay back your debt more easily, while still affording your personal living expenses.

    Of the many benefits associated with Debt Counselling, clients in Springs will be safe from legal action from creditors, like asset or vehicle repossession. Our services are 100% transparent and we promise full confidentially and professional support to our clients, from start to finish.