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    Debt Review Bethlehem

    If you are struggling to pay back all your debt and make it through the month financially, you’re most likely over-indebted. While facing the prospect of overcoming your financial burdens can seem impossible, Less Debt offers residents of Bethlehem a Debt Review service that is transparent, result-orientated and personalized.

    There is no need to feel hopeless as financial strains related to debt impact your life negatively. For those living in Bethlehem, our Debt Review service is easily attainable and offers immediate relief, as well as ongoing support up till the point that your debts are paid back fully. The Debt Review process is straightforward and involves our team of financial professionals consolidating your monthly debt payments into one, more manageable repayment. We will do so by negotiating lower monthly instalments and interest rates with your creditors for you. Essentially, you will still be paying back all outstanding debts, however you won’t be facing potential legal actions from upset creditors, and will not receive those dreaded harassing calls from creditors seeking payment.

    You have the peace of mind in knowing that our Debt Review service is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), and is entirely legal. Once you’ve undergone an affordability assessment and qualify for Debt Review as a Bethlehem resident, you’ll be in excellent hands. We care about your wellbeing and know the difference that Debt Review can make in your life.