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    Debt Review Pietermaritzburg

    As a resident of Pietermaritzburg seeking Debt Review to cope with overwhelming monthly debt repayments, Less Debt offers a highly recommended service. We work closely with over-indebted clients from all walks of life to provide a sound solution to combating their debt, and will provide ongoing support to you from the moment you qualify for this solution.

    Debt Review provides Pietermaritzburg clients with a transparent opportunity to overcome their financial issues in a legal way. Approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) to help struggling consumers repay their debt more easily, our Debt Review service is easy to attain. Through Debt Review, our clients are afforded one restructured monthly payment that covers all their credit repayments, and are also safe from legal action and harassing calls demanding money. In order to ensure you can afford your new fixed monthly payment, we will assess your affordability and also negotiate reduced monthly instalments and interest rates with your creditors for you. As a Pietermaritzburg resident undergoing Debt Review with us, you can rest assured of our ongoing support, full confidentiality and complete professionalism.

    The process of Debt Review has helped many struggling South African consumers over the years, and even involves investigations, should we suspect Reckless Lending by any of your creditors. The process usually takes between 3 and 5 years, and afterwards you will be equipped with insightful financial advice, in order to avoid becoming indebted again.