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    Debt Review Queenstown

    There is a viable and result driven solution available to over-indebted South African consumers. With everyday living expenses rising, more consumers are finding themselves unable to afford their monthly financial commitments. At Less Debt, we provide residents of Queenstown with a Debt Review service that can make a big difference.

    Are you struggling to make it from month to month and still afford all your debt repayments? You are likely over-indebted, which means that you could qualify for the Debt Review process as a Queenstown client. Debt Review relieves financial stress, by consolidating all that you owe into one affordable monthly payment, which will be collected and distributed by a trusted Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). Our team of professional and dedicated Debt Counsellors ensure discretion throughout the process, and will also look into your creditor agreements to make sure that you did not fall victim to Reckless Lending as you accumulated your debts. We will do all the negotiating of reduced instalments with your creditors for you, making sure that your new monthly fee is much more manageable as a Queenstown resident under Debt Review.

    Put an end to your struggles with debt today. While under Debt Review, you will be protected from legal action and harassing calls from your creditors and credit bureaus. Our Debt Review service to Queenstown residents is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), while our team will provide consistent support as and when you need it, throughout the process.