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    Debt Review Randburg

    To over-indebted South African consumers, Debt Review can provide much needed and instant financial relief, while setting the foundations you need to combat your debts for good. For residents of Randburg, we offer a Debt Review service that is highly effective and fully transparent, while also keeping in mind your necessary living expenses.

    It can be overwhelming to imagine paying back all your debt, but with the help of our professional Less Debt team, it is very achievable. We provide a Debt Review service to Randburg residents that is approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), aimed at reducing your monthly debt repayments according to what you can afford. This streamlined approach to debt relief has various benefits to you as the consumer, as you cannot become blacklisted during the process. Additionally, your creditors and credit bureaus many not proceed with legal actions against you, or call you regarding your debts. The first step is to determine if you qualify for Debt Review as a Randburg client, through our free online debt assessment and consultation. Should you qualify, we will then assist by renegotiating monthly instalment fees with your creditors on your behalf.

    The result of our efforts means you will be paying back just one consolidated monthly instalment, which will be collected and distributed by a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). As we assist residents of Randburg with Debt Review, we will also rule out any cases of Reckless Lending by your creditors, which could implement them in some way concerning your debts.