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    Consolidate debt, stress less and restore payments in arrears

    Being over indebted no longer holds the stigma that is once did and is now an all too familiar subject, faced by many. The truth is that the cost of living has become increasingly expensive for South African citizens, with good jobs proving harder and harder to find.

    Acquiring debt often starts off by making a manageable decision to take out a loan or make use of credit card or store card for a purchase that is too much to cover at once. There could also be a medical bill or serious financial commitment that forces you to take out a loan that you would rather avoid. In truth, no one wants to take on debt with high interest rates and scary terms and conditions. However, life has a way of throwing curveballs when we least expect it. At Less Debt, we offer assistant to consumers who have become over indebted.

    One of the key issues faced by our clients is the need to restore payments in arrears. Debt in arrears can result in a number of issues; from becoming blacklisted to facing legal action or possibly even having your personal assets repossessed (these assets could include your car, house or furniture). Our Less Debt team aim to keep you, your family and your most cherished items safe, while also providing you with a debt restructuring plan that will help you stress less and get back on track with your finances.

    So, what exactly does a debt consolidation into one monthly instalment entail? At Less Debt we restructure your monthly debt payments into one affordable instalment which involves an in-depth debt evaluation by our financial team. Once Less Debt has established your situation in full and conducted the necessary steps, you will be able to pay off all of your payments in one single, lower monthly payment, rather than struggle with an array of unsecure and stressful debit orders coming off your account each month. All the debt that you owe will still be repaid by you; however they will come off one consolidated monthly payment that will enable you to manage your basic living expenses much more easily.

    Avoid sleepless nights worrying about money and the repercussions that come with payments in arrears. Less Debt offers consumers a debt consolidation service that will make a huge difference in their lives. All our services are approved by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), while our process is secured by a court order and accepted by the National Credit Act (NCA). Once the debt review has been complete, our clients will be issued with a Clearance Certificate, which can then be supplied to various lenders, financial institutes and creditors.

    At Less Debt, your financial security and peace of mind is our number one priority. Find out how we can assist you today by filling in our online enquiry for a free debt assessment.

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